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Why Is It Important To Take Care of Teeth And How To Do It

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The human body is a unique imitation of God and an even more beautiful gift is our smile. A sweet smile speaks countless untold words but this adorable smile The cleanliness, and beauty of teeth and gums depend on their gleaming whiteness. The second important thing is that in order to taste the nutritious and delicious things made by nature, to chew, healthy beautiful teeth are needed to care of teeth. Healthy shining beautiful teeth are the mirror of our healthy body. That is why it is said that if the teeth are bad then the health is bad.

We come in contact with the external environment by eating and the first camp of germs is on the teeth. Our teeth are made up of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals. The upper part is called the crown and the lower part is called the root, which contains the veins of blood and pain.

Cavities or Worms In The Teeth:

Food particles stick on the teeth. The germs present in the mouth on them start their work immediately. The acid starts forming in the food particles and decay or caries starts in the teeth. If the germ has affected the upper layer of the teeth, then in such a situation the dentist can save it by cleaning and filling, but if the cavity has become deep or if there is hypersensitivity, pain is caused by eating cold or hot substances If there is swelling around the teeth, if the tooth has started breaking, then RCT or root canal treatment is the only way to save the tooth. In this, infection is prevented by removing the dying tissue from the tooth and the root canal is filled and permanently closed and the tooth can be saved.

The Second Major Disease of The Teeth Is Tingling :

When the enamel on the upper surface of the teeth wears out, due to excessive sensitivity of the pain nerves located below it, tingling in the teeth also starts due to cold and hot or strong wind. For treatment of tingling should see a dentist immediately.

The third major disease of teeth is crooked teeth. It can be from childhood or it can develop later. It can be corrected by the orthodontic method after the age of about 13 years. In which treatment is done by tying strings on the teeth or by applying dental braces.

Pyorrhea is the most prominent of gum diseases. In this, swollen and bleeding gums and bad breath are the main symptoms. Whatever we eat and drink sticks to the upper layer of the teeth and gums. If it is not brushed properly, it tends to stick. This layer is called dental plaque which is a sticky and transparent layer. Gradually, many such layers go on accumulating one on top of the other and take the form of a solid layer, this is called tartar or calculus. The layer of tartar is hard, thick, and yellow. Due to the accumulation of tartar for a long time, the gums start leaving their place, as a result, the teeth start loosening. For the solution of all these types of dental problems, you should consult the Best Dentist In Jaipur.

What Not to Do to Protect or Care Teeth and Gums –

1‧ Do not use the teeth like scissors or openers at all. Due to this, there is a risk of breaking and grinding of teeth.

2. By sucking an excessive and regular lemon, the citric acid present in it damages the various mineral substances present in the teeth.

3. Cavities can form in the teeth due to the excess of acid and sugar present in soda-containing beverages and carbonated soft drinks. Teeth wear out. Bad smell comes from the mouth.

4‧ Excessive pressure or brushing should not be done for a long time, it damages the roots and outer layer of the teeth, teeth start moving and sensitivity comes in it.

What Should We Do :

1‧ Reduce Carbohydrates‧‧‧‧ Not only sweets, excessive amounts of carbohydrates are also harmful for the teeth as they get converted into sugar. and produce bacteria.

2‧ Increase the amount of Vitamin C‧‧‧‧‧Vitamin C is extremely beneficial for the gums. Its deficiency can lead to swelling and bleeding of the gums, which as the disease progresses, turns into a disease called scurvy.

3‧ The anti-oxidant polyphenols found in tea black or green tea prevent the formation of cavities and plaque in the teeth and gums.

4‧ Use straws: Most sports drink sodas are made of citric acid and phosphoric acid, which cause damage to the teeth.

Eat calcium rich food. 99% of the calcium in the body is in the teeth and bones, so include milk and curd cheese in the diet.

6 It is necessary to brush after swimming. Chlorine is use in swimming pools, an overdose of which acts as an acid for the teeth. Therefore, brushing should done after swimming.

7‧ Eat sev carrots and coarse grains every day. Fruits and vegetables have astringent properties. It acts as a scrub for the teeth and maintains the shine of the teeth and gums.

8‧ Brush and rinse twice daily in the morning and at night before sleeping. Brushing should not exceed 2 minutes.

9‧ Rinse off every time you eat anything.

10‧ Get your teeth check up regularly by the dentist every 6 months. consult him for teeth care.

Correct Way of Rinsing And Brushing:

Rinse thoroughly with water after every meal. Massage the gums with your finger while rinsing. Do not take cold water or beverages immediately after a hot drink, it can cause teeth to move. Do not crush the teeth with a pin, needle or matchstick, etc. Move the brush up and down on the gums in a circular motion. Please change your brush every 3 months. Change your toothpaste and take different companies. Use mouth-wash. This clears the bacteria that cause bad breath in the mouth.

Cancer of the tongue or the inside of the mouth, by eating betel, betel nut, gutka or jarda or keeping it pressed in the mouth, the ends of the teeth become very sharp. It makes wounds or blisters in the mouth. If the blister is not healing for a long time, then it can also be a symptom of oral cancer.

Symptoms of Disease

1‧ There may be blisters in the mouth and do not fill in 3 weeks.

2. There is constant pain in the mouth.

3 Thickness of the inside of the mouth or throat.

4‧ White and red color marks on the tongue, gum and inner part of the cheek.

5. Dryness of the mouth.

6. Difficulty in eating or swallowing food.

7‧ Difficulty in moving the tongue or jaw.

8. Swelling of the jaw.

9‧ Weight loss. If any of these symptoms persist for more than 3 weeks, a doctor should consulted.


Small boils, or white spots, develop in the mouth, which are very painful. This can happen due to smoking, tooth decay, vitamin deficiency, infection.

Oral submucous fibrosis (mucus hyoid bimucous sphincter) : The mucus inside the mouth loses its elasticity, becomes white and hard.


  • Frequent blisters.
  • non-opening of the mouth
  • not fully protruding tongue
  • dry mouth, burning in mouth

Treatment is possible in the early stages, but in severe cases it can turn into cancer.

Tobacco use is a major threat to life and health. Spitting everywhere after consuming tobacco is a public danger, due to which there is a risk of spreading infection of corona, swine flu, encephalitis, etc.

Fungal infection (oral candidiasis) causes white patches in the mouth. The food seems tasteless. Burning, pain, trouble swallowing may occur.

Dental implants are a state-of-the-art technology after tooth extraction. In this, dentures are insert into the gums with the help of screws, which look exactly like real teeth, After this, special care has to take of cleaning the mouth.

Common Misconceptions About Teeth and Gums

1. The eyes become weak due to the removal of the upper teeth.

2‧ By cleaning the gums or teeth, the teeth become weak, but the truth is that by removing the layer of dirt from the gums, the gums strengthen their hold on the teeth.

3‧ Brushing more and vigorously makes the teeth more clean, but the reality is that the teeth wear out and sensitivity comes in them. That’s why we should clean our teeth with great care.

4. Dental treatment should not done during pregnancy. Rather checkup should done every month, because after pregnancy and delivery, the diet changes, rich things are given in the food.

5‧ Milk teeth should not treated because they are about to fall out, but the reality is that only milk teeth make room for permanent teeth.

6‧ Some people in the villages claim to remove the worm with the help of blowing from a thin pipe in the midst of the dust, it is impossible, so Please don’t fall prey to such people.

7‧ Brushing with tobacco or naswar strengthens the teeth. But the reality is that by brushing teeth with tobacco, tobacco get absorbed into the blood through the saliva of the mouth and gives a pleasant feeling. This gives the impression of being mentally and emotionally healthy teeth care.

Try to keep our original and beautiful shiny teeth with us for life, If we just take care of them, then they will also give our full support. Even if there is no problem, every 4 months dental checkup should made part of your health program.

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