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What You Can Do to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Youtube Channel Promote

Do you want to advertise your YouTube channel in the best possible ways? We have your back. There is a lot of competition on YouTube this year with over 51 million channels available. Creating excellent YouTube videos is no longer sufficient. You must work hard to promote your YouTube channel if you hope to break through the clutter, gain views, and gain subscribers. However, don’t worry; we are here to assist and help you out in digital marketing on YouTube.

In this post, we’ll explain how to effectively promote your YouTube channel as well as 8 effective strategies that are little-known yet may help you outperform your rivals.

Put Watch Time First

The wonderful thing about YouTube is that it will take care of the promotional aspect of things for you if it determines that your films are good enough. The goal of the YouTube algorithm is to “push” interesting video material to as many users as possible. As a result, YouTube will start suggesting your YouTube video to more people by making it available on their homepage and in the sidebar of comparable videos if it appears to be doing well with visitors .

Simple—Just Make Sure Your Watch is Set to The Highest Possible Time

You can determine how long users watch your videos by looking at the watch time measure. It sends a really terrible signal to YouTube if the typical viewer clicks away from your video inside the first 30 seconds. On the other hand, if people often watch all the way through, YouTube will know your movie is really interesting and will increase your visibility.

Go to your YouTube stats to see your viewing time. Make sure to capture your audience’s interest within the first 30 seconds of the video as this will increase viewing time. You may begin the conversation with a teaser that says, “Coming up…” and shares some information.

Make Your Titles and Thumbnails Clickable

In addition, to watch time, it’s critical to increase your click-through rate (CTR). The percentage of viewers that click on your YouTube video out of all the impressions is known as CTR. A 10% CTR, for instance, would be achieved if 100 individuals saw your movie in their YouTube feeds but only 10 of them clicked on it. The higher your CTR, the more probable it is that YouTube will advertise your video for you, increasing the number of views you receive. His YouTube video titles and all of his thumbnails are incredibly attention-grabbing. Use clickable video names and thumbnails, or “clickbait,” if you will, to increase your CTR.

Comment on Videos That are Popular In Your Genre

One of the least utilized and well-known methods for advertising your YouTube channel is commenting. It operates as follows:

Make a list of the most watched channels in your niche first. Popular channels are those with at least 100,000 subscribers, preferably more. Then, tap the bell next to each of these channels to subscribe and receive notifications anytime a new video is uploaded.

When you receive a notification that a new upload has been made, view it right away and post a thorough, witty, or insightful remark. If at all possible, try to be the first to remark.

If you leave a remark right away, more viewers will notice it and enjoy it, which will encourage it to go viral. at the top of the comments stream, increasing the number of people who may see it. You’re lucky, it could even be pinned.

Once your YouTube channel name appears at the top of the comments feed, there is a strong probability that additional viewers looking for material similar to what you are producing may notice it there and click over to view your videos. Your YouTube presence will grow as you leave more comments.

Promote Your Videos Across Platforms Using End Screens and Cards

This is something you should always remember to do for every video you submit. You may advertise your films with little to no work because of this simple victory. The final 20 seconds of the film will feature the end screens once you’ve added them. Viewers may click on the screen to jump forward to your next video after finishing one, which can help you get more views and watch time and, as a result, raise your channel’s organic exposure. Though less significant than end screens, cards are nonetheless useful to have. In the middle of YouTube material, you may utilize them to propose additional videos to your audience.

Reddit Should Include Your YouTube Channel

This ought to bring up a tonne of threads on the subject. The postings are often made by Redditors searching for suggestions.

Post a comment on these forums mentioning your YouTube channel, but avoid being overtly promotional. This is quite significant.

Redditors have a reputation for loathing advertisements, and the majority of subreddits have regulations in place that specifically forbid utilizing the site for advertising. Therefore, be careful how you frame the recommendation so that it isn’t immediately apparent that it is your channel. Additionally, it helps if you participate actively in the larger Reddit community and have a high Reddit karma score. Try to participate in conversations on other issues as well and not just respond to these posts.

Post Your Video Content to Social Media

Using social media to promote your YouTube channel is a fantastic additional strategy. For instance, including a link to your channel in your Instagram bio is a simple way to get started. Additionally, you should often post on social media to invite your fans to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Post an update on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok each time you submit a new video to let your fans know. Even better, to promote your YouTube channel make brief teaser clips of your film and post them on all of your social media channels.

You may generate a lot of interest by using video because it frequently performs well on social media, especially Facebook, where 500 million people view videos daily.

The only issue is that social media marketing may be quite labor-intensive. You might wish to use social media scheduling and automation solutions to reduce your burden.

You may create social media calendars and schedule posts using tools like SocialBee and Palley. It’s also wise to do some research on when to publish on social media for the most interaction.

Rank Your YouTube Videos

The second-largest search engine is YouTube. As a result, getting your movies to appear in search results on the platform is crucial. The SEO strategies that can help you rank the pages of your website have already been covered by our writing, but YouTube SEO functions a bit differently. Keywords are still crucial, just as with website content. Try to make several videos on subjects with a lot of monthly keyword searches, and then optimize them by including those keywords in the title, description, and tags. Throughout the whole video, you should vocally reference keywords. The smart YouTube algorithm will consider a huge number of data points to assess how pertinent your video is for a particular search.

Make careful to use your keyword and related keywords throughout your video since YouTube can tell what you’re talking about because closed captions are automatically created from the audio (especially in the first 15 seconds).

Another crucial ranking aspect on YouTube is engagement. It’s crucial to look at indicators like average view length, click-through rates, engagement rates and watch time. The more clickable, watchable, and interesting your YouTube material. More likely it is that it will appear at the top of search results.


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