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Know the difference between love and lust

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Love and lust are two different forms that are seen in people, if you are also in a relationship then you must know the difference between love and lust. Let us know what is the difference between love and lust, we all secretly love someone or the other and do not let our family members know about it. In fact, there is a psychological reason behind the guarding of love by family members. Experienced elders believe that most men try to attract women just to get sex and eventually succeed, while women mistake it for love.

In fact, today’s love is less lust or lust than true love, and such relationships end after a purpose is fulfilled. If you are confuse about love and lust, then in this article we are going to tell you what the difference between love and lust is.

What is lust?

When you feel that your partner loves you very much, but in reality he is not in love with you but only attached to you for sex, then it is called lust. Lust is an English word which means lust. The word lust is mostly heard with love. The reason for this is that initially it known whether someone is in a relationship with you because of love or because of lust. But when it then the condition of going through emotional trauma comes.

This is the difference between love and lust

In the beginning of a relationship, it is very difficult to ascertain whether it is actually love or lust. But as time passes, we ourselves realize that our partner really just wants sex from us. Let us know what the difference between love and lust is.

Seeing physical beauty is lust

It is believe that when we truly love someone, it is not their appearance that matters more. But nowadays most of the people fall in love by looking at the face, it means that behind loving someone lust or getting sex is his main motive. If you feel that your partner only wants sex from you and when he gets it, and then he does not care about you, then in reality it is not love but lust.

Relationship ends quickly when lusted

When your partner starts feeling bored with you and after a time he leaves you calling you old goods or does not let you come close to him, then it is not love but lust. Actually love never gets old and people respect each other to keep their love fresh and maintain the relationship for a long time. But if your partner ignores you and is looking for another girl then it is not love but lust.

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There is no commitment in lust

If you love someone and ask him to promise that he will support you throughout his life or if you both married in the future, he will ignore your words or avoid you by talking something else but he will not commit. This means that he does not love you but loves your body. He is attache to you not because of love but because of lust.

When lusted, your partner will hide everything

If a person is in love with you for the purpose of lust, then he will either not tell you anything about himself and his family or will tell lies about everything. This is because he does not keep any girl in his life for a long time and when he is satisfied with his lust, he tries to woo some other girl. That’s why he doesn’t tell you much about himself. If something like this is happening with you too, then be careful because in reality it is not love but lust.

In lust he will always talk dirty

The identity of true love is different and its fragrance fills your heart with ecstasy. But if a person pretends to be in love with you, then after a while you will realize that it is not love but lust. When in lust, the person always talks dirty, intimate and sexual things with you and expects to hear the same from you. He never cares what place you are, he is always in the same mood, that is, in the mood to talk dirty. From this you can recognize that it is not love but lust.

If he doesn’t take care of you then its lust

It said that people who truly love are companions of each other’s happiness and sorrow. But if your partner neither takes care of your happiness and desires nor cares about the things that make you sad, then in reality it is not love but lust. In this the person only tries to fulfill his desires, at any cost.

There is no friendship between you two when you are lust.

It said that when two people are friends first and lovers later, their love is true. But if your partner has not become your friend and you have to think many times before saying or asking anything from him, then in reality he is attach to you only because of lust. He will have sex with you even if you don’t want it, before having sex he will talk sweetly and make you feel that he loves you very much. When you are ready for sex, then his behavior will be same as before.

He will gift you something different when in a lust based relationship

Writers have written that man loves woman to get sex and woman gives sex to man to get love. He will give you everything that is valuable to you in order to really have sex. In a lust-based relationship, he will bring you expensive things but in return you will have to fulfill his desire by giving him sex. Apart from this, he will also bring many types of sexy dress for you and would like you to wear that dress while making physical relation with him. If this is happening to you then it is not really love but lust. Apart from this, to remove tension in husband and wife, you can directly connect with our world famous astrologer through our page dainikastrologyservices. Who is fully capable of solving any of your love problem solution.

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