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How 5G Integration Can Revolutionize Metaverse Experience

How 5G Integration Can Revolutionize Metaverse Experience

How 5G Integration Can Revolutionize Metaverse Experience?

As we know that today’s generation has become fast. The world has caught the speed that it has to move fast with time and keeping this in mind 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. 5G is the fifth-generation strong and speed network that we use on cellular networks. The metaverse would require real-time interaction with virtual objects and avatars. Let’s say that you bought a virtual plot in the Metaverse, and you don’t see it anywhere after you re-enter space. Real-time rendering is essential if companies are to deliver a seamless experience and metaverse is a strong solution for this.

Metaverse Still Has a Long Way to Go in technology & other Fields

VR technology will add more immersion and enjoyment to the theater experience. A user may not even visit the physical location to watch his favorite movie in 3-D. This entire user can experience at home. Furthermore, people prefer to watch high-resolution videos and Movies, whether they are in a theater or streaming on a device. While this experience will potentially be available on VR devices, they will also need an uninterrupted high-speed network—as poor bandwidth can result in network lag for users. Undeniably, no one lives in and around poor-quality services.

The metaverse will potentially cover most industries globally. Meaning that markets using this technology will eventually be hit by any barriers standing in the way. Blockchain technology is used to establish the decentralized network of virtual worlds and 3D space. Blockchain technology will be another major and important aspect of the metaverse. Although the technology has proved to be revolutionary, it has its drawbacks.

Solana is a blockchain that considered to be an Ethereum killer, as it designed to solve scalability issues. However, it has faced some outages on the network in the past. Anything like that is a red flag or a negative point for the Metaverse. If we think of integrating the markets into a virtual zone, an outage can prove to be disastrous for the entire sector.

Cardano – One of the key features of Cardano is its transaction speed. Cardano can process over 1,000 transactions per second, which is significantly faster than the transaction speed of bitcoin and comparable to other high-speed blockchain platforms such as EOS. Solana can provide faster transaction speeds and lower costs than Cardano in many instances. But the Cardano network has proven to be more secure and reliable. The metaverse can’t enter the mainstream until the developers are sure it won’t interfere with people’s daily lives. Conversely, if the metaverse goes mainstream, it is likely that it will disrupt our lives to some degree.

XR technologies associated with high-performance networks will form the cornerstone of metaverse use cases, making 5G critical to ensuring that this new immersive internet can be experienced anywhere and everywhere.

Surely in future 5G integration will bring a big revolutionary change in the metaverse which will prove to be a boon for technical technologies and many other fields.


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