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Life Predictions Can Improve Your Life

Life Predictions

You must have often visited an world famous astrologer or searched for free Vedic astrology predictions about life whenever a child is born, marriage compatibility is to be checked, or any important decision is to be taken. It is good to learn the most accurate life astrology prediction by date of birth, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know how astrology predicts life?

5 Categories and Formats of Vedic Life Predictions

The following charts fall under the category of Shadvargas readings-

Lagna Chart:
This is the most important chart as your accurate life prediction in all aspects can be done by studying the mother of all charts, D1.

Hora Kundali:
The physical qualities of a person can be known through this horoscope. Hora chart or D2 can help you with prosperity, wealth, intelligence, happiness, relationship with other family members, and ability to discriminate.

Navamsa Chart:
Your character and spiritual strength can be ascertained by reading this chart. D9 can also help us understand what factors determine our destiny and how we can change it.

Decanter Chart:
Also known as Drekkana or Dreshkon, D3 is said to be the house of growth. Your courage, communication, Common relationship with siblings, short journeys, initiation and enterprise power can be learned through this chart.

Dwadashansh Chart:
Suryansh (D12) tells about physical awareness. Here your life prediction will talk about your predecessors, the comfort, happiness they will give you, their longevity, and their role in karmic achievements.

Trishams Chart:
This is the chakra of the subconscious level and astrology is an essential part of determining life predictions. D30 helps us to know about the thirty parts of a sum. Health and life issues such as diseases, obstacles and weakness suffered due to past karma are dealt with through this chart.

Heptagon Reading

In addition to those listed above (D1, D2, D3, D9, D12, and D30), the Saptamasha chart (D7) is included in the Saptavarga reading to find out life predictions by date of birth.

Saptansh Chart:
This seventh house focuses on the activity of the fifth house. As this chart helps in ascertaining the future, it is advised to include this chart while analyzing future predictions by date of birth.

Reading Decimals

Past, present and future readings are analyzed together to find out life predictions. A total of ten charts are considered in the Dashavarga reading, the following three charts add up to the Saptavarga reading –

Decimal Chart:
Be it your business, service, politics, social work or upcoming profession, Decimal or D10 helps in understanding everything related to your professional matters. Not only this, but it can also determine how much importance, prestige and power a person will get as well as the business sector that will bring good fortune.

Shodasamsha Chart:
Focusing on the bliss of the mind or mental stamina D16, or say, focuses on Kalamasha or Nirupamansha. It emphasizes the enjoyment of wealth that one has and not the one who has it.

Shastamansha Chart:
The accumulated good and bad deeds influence which turn your life will take to give you happiness and unhappiness. This is exactly what D60 shows you in your future Life partner predictions by date of birth free.

Hexadecimal reading

This reading includes a total of 16 charts to evaluate your life partner prediction, in addition to the ten listed above.

Quadrant Chart:
D4 Turyansh or Padmasha evaluates fortune and liabilities, family happiness, childhood as well as contentment.

Lineage Chart:
D20 falls in the second chakra of the square which is related to the conscious mental plane and determines the existence of a person, but not the physical body. The spiritual pursuits you do from past lives can analyzes in this life.

Chaturvinsamsha Chart:
Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima, Prapta, Prakamya, Ishita and Vaquita are the eight siddhis that D24 can determine. The lessons you get from your elders or family members is know through this chart.

Bhamsha Chart:
Your physical, mental and emotional ability to deal with pain and stress can gauges by reading this D27 chart.

Khavedansh Chart:
Through D40, one can determine astrological life predictions related to harmony at your home as well as workplace. The nature you have is due to the planets in your previous births, which can determine through this chart.

Akshavedamsha Chart:
This D45 chart helps in to get details of life prediction relates to your character along with the benefits of parent’s lineage, past birth deeds as well as your character.

Shadvinshatihi Reading

Shadvinshatihi Varga Vachan includes ten more charts which provide you accurate life prediction as per date of birth. These –

Panchansa Chart:
D5 chart can evaluate the authority and pattern of growth and progress of an individual with the help of a sectional chart.

Shastansh chart:
(D6) can help in assessing the health of a person as well as save him from the trap of diseases in his previous birth.

Ashtansh Chart:
How your present life affects by the circumstances, time and place of your death can studies through this chart D8. Also, details about the secret money can determine.

Ekadhashan Chart:
Detail relates to money-worthy and other ways like black money, gambling, etc can be know through D11 chart.

Aastha Navamsa Chart:
The D72 chart shows the details of predictions related to how the current life will end and future births.

Nav-Navamsha Chart:
Everything troubling you from past lives and detail relates to your marriage can see through D81 chart.

Nava-Dwadashansh Chart:
The gender of the horoscope and whether it is according to the same gender body or not determine here. If you want to correct your birth time to microseconds, this chart makes it possible.

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